Keeping Our Children Safe in Today's World is a Challenge! 

Have you ever wondered if YOUR child knows what they need to know to stay safe?

Join us for this Dynamic 2-Session Workshop to find out what your child knows and how you can enhance that knowledge to help them be safer in today's world.

We will start by sharing with you both knowledge and understanding on how to teach and partner with your child in their personal safety skills. In session two we will advance to teaching strategies and skills to help you develop your child’s foundational personal skills, increasing their confidence while enhancing their instinctive response.

The time is now to replace the fear of Abduction, Bullying, Child Abuse, and Sexual Assault in your children’s lives and yours.  

Together we can replace that fear with confidence, enhanced personal boundaries and the opportunity to respond with power if they are ever in danger. By empowering your child we take away the predators opportunity and power at the same time.

Join us on
September 22 & 29

The time has come to turn words into actions and actions into power in your childs life.

If you ever wanted to know how to:

  • Start a conversation and teach your child how to be safe without scaring them.
  • Empower your child with their own personal boundaries. 
  • Give your child the opportunity to recognize, avoid, resist and if necessary, escape violence, harm and victimization if they are ever challenged by someone who wants to hurt them.

Then sign up TODAY! 

Together we can and will make a difference in the life of Your Child!

Our normal Tuition for this possible life-saving class is $197 but for this class we are extending an special pricing of only $97.00.  

As a special bonus you will also receive a radKIDS® Family Manual for you to share with your child upon completion of the training.

How to Teach, Train and Empower Your Children to be Safer in Today's World

Tuesday, September 22nd & Tuesday September 29th
Online 2-Session Interactive Workshop via Zoom
8-10pm ET | 7-9pm CT | 6-8pm MT | 5-7pm PT

Session One - The Foundation

  • Understanding what our child needs and wants to know to feel and be safer in our world today. 
  • How to change instinctual fear and self-blame to personal empowerment and personal boundaries.
  • How you can teach and empower your child to be safer including your understanding of; Empowerment vs Expectations, radKIDS Foundational Principles, The Winning Formula of Empowerment.

Session Two - The Skills

  • Skill-based Education for you to share with your child - Verbalization and their Position of Power.
  • Bullying Prevention. What you need to know to support and help your child and how your child can STOP a bully! (Up to and including Physical Resistance to Violence.)
  • Personal Touch, and Personal Space (Sexual Assault Prevention). 
  • An introduction to physical resistance skills to STOP those who may try and hurt them.

Kids Safety Educator | Founder

Steve Daley

Stephen M. Daley M.Ed, affectionately known as “Mr.Steve” is an accomplished international trainer/presenter who specializes in both children’s safety education and school safety. Steve retired from his distinguished 20-year law enforcement career with a mission to provide education that gives children the opportunity and ability to recognize, avoid, resist and if necessary escape predatory violence in their lives. Steve has now spent the last 20 years empowering children, families and educators in their own personal safety skills. Steve also has a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Brain Theory and Accelerated Learning Skills for Children. As the CEO/Founder of the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program (501c3) Steve has certified and licensed over 6500 instructors wordwide to provide the radKIDS educational initiative in their communities. For more information visit Steve’s work has gained national attention, allowing him to speak at many national conferences as well as appearing on international TV including; CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and Telemundo .

The time is NOW to make sure your child knows what they need to know if they ever in danger and what they can do about it!